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It can be challenging to motivate your team members when you’re the boss and keep them accountable. But accountability boosts motivation, improves employee retention, and promotes a sense of ownership in the workplace. Here are some tips on how to establish accountability and responsibility at work.


Start with a simple conversation

The first step in making accountability and responsibility a reality at work is to start a conversation. Ask your employees what they think the best way to get things done is. This allows you to hear what your team members say and learn how they prefer to get things done.


#1) Encourage teamwork

It can be tempting to assign tasks and make final decisions on projects yourself when you’re the boss. But that approach doesn’t promote teamwork because it’s too easy for people to slack off when no one is directly responsible for completing the task. Encourage your team members to work together and work towards a common goal.


#2) Share ownership of tasks

Taking on some of the workloads gives your employees a sense of ownership over tasks completed or not completed by them, which will motivate them more than assigning everything yourself.


Be honest and fair

The first step towards establishing accountability and responsibility at work is to be honest and fair with your employees. It’s essential to give your employees a clear idea of what you expect from them and their responsibilities.


Set clear goals and expectations

One way to motivate your team and establish accountability is to set clear goals and expectations. At the beginning of the year, sit down with each person in your company and go over where you want them to be in a year. This allows them to set their own goals for success and stay motivated throughout the year. You can also hold individual meetings with each team member at different points in the year to see how they’re doing.


Celebrate each other’s success

If you want your team members to feel like they are making a difference and contributing to the company, then it is important to celebrate their successes. It could be by giving them a pat on the back, or it could be by letting them know how great their work is. Sending an email after a job well done can also be helpful for motivation.


Find ways to empower your team

Giving your team members more responsibility helps set a foundation of accountability in the workplace. Whether it’s giving them the ability to make their own decisions, assigning tasks, setting challenging goals for themselves, or implementing performance-based compensation plans, empowering your team will help create a sense of ownership in the workspace.


Communicate regularly and show your team how you value their efforts

Communicating regularly and showing your employees how you value their efforts can help them feel engaged in their work. Sharing frequently gives your team members a sense of success, but it also helps them feel like their ideas are welcomed and valued.


When you communicate frequently, you make sure your team members know what’s happening and what they need to focus on next. Employees are more inclined to put in extra effort when they know what’s expected.



There are many ways to establish accountability and responsibility in the workplace, and they all start with a simple conversation. By taking time to get to know your team, you can create opportunities for growth and collaboration and strengthen your company’s culture.

The most important lesson you can teach your team is that your success depends on everyone else’s success.