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Scott Wolfrum


Scott Wolfrum describes himself as having a lion-chasing personality. He ascribes to the philosophy that your dreams should scare you, and you should wholeheartedly chase them down. In addition to his own goals, Scott delights in helping other people achieve their dreams. He takes pride in doing the right thing and believes that when one team member succeeds, the whole team benefits. This methodology is one of the reasons why he is so successful. Scott is also a creative thinker, especially when problem-solving. In his current role as CEO of Wolfrum Capital Management Group, he taps into that wellspring every day, being responsible for a small staff of highly trained specialists and $200 million in assets under control.

Scott Wolfrum earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Indiana University during his studies. Shortly after graduating, he started working for Merrill Lynch in Indianapolis as a financial adviser. Scott was responsible for building and maintaining his own client portfolio in this role, and he counseled his customers on risk factors involved with investments. Scott also used his time at the company to cultivate an extensive network of peers and associates, helping him to earn a well-deserved reputation as a wise adviser and loyal coworker.

Scott Wolfrum has broadened his knowledge and expertise in every role he has held throughout his distinguished career. In his role at Wells Fargo Advisors, he served as both a financial consultant and a branch manager. As the leader of a 40-person team, Scott was responsible for $3 billion in assets while also building his own $200 million in client accounts. Scott obtained valuable experience at David A. Noyes & Co., where he learned how to establish carefully constructed client portfolios based on complete transparency and meaningful conversation with clients. Scott was in charge of the discretionary supervision of Foundry Capital Group, LLC, a small boutique firm regarded as one of the most specialized consulting organizations in the United States.

Scott Wolfrum was named Chairman of Warsaw Chemical Company, and he was in charge of the company’s strategy shift. The company, known for its comprehensive line of cleaning chemicals for institutional and industrial uses, wanted to show how its products have evolved from the 1940s to the present. Warsaw wished to emphasize their humble beginnings and that they started with just a single bowl cleaner and a single hand cleanser. Currently, they provide over 200 Car Choice® products for self-serve, automated, and conveyor car washes all over the world. Scott undertook due diligence and a complete advertising campaign to promote the company’s new customer-friendly website as well as information about the company’s new product line. Visitors to the site get quick and easy access to datasheets for all of the products they sell and product news and literature.

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